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3M Radial Bristle Polishing Discs (Pack of 3)


These long-lasting 3M Radial Bristle Discs allow you to polish and clean difficult-to-reach, intricate and detailed areas such as small jewellery parts, engineering threads and bores and are ideal for de-fuzzing and sanding in wood carving. 

Radial Bristle Discs used by jewellers, silversmiths, precision engineers and craftspeople are for use on all metals, wood, ceramics and plastics.

Choose from the following grits, 80# being the coarsest to 1 micron being the finest. 3 in a pack. 19mm diameter.

  • Yellow, 80 grit
  • Red, 220 grit
  • Blue, 400 grit
  • Pink Pumice (approx. 1,200 grit)
  • Peach, 6 micron (approx. 3,000 grit)
  • Light Green, 1 micron (approx 14,000 grit)

Stack 3 radial bristle discs at a time on your Screw Mandrel. Do not mix the grits. (Can stack up to 6 on a mandrel) No compound is required.

Please read the Description tab below for further information on applications and suggested grit sizes, how to use the radial bristle discs and more.

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Use Radial Bristle Discs for polishing your surface material at approximately 15,000 RPM on your hand drill and exceeding no more than 35,000 RPM.

To use correctly, be sure, when looking at the top of the mandrel, that the bristles all turn to the right (there is a 3M printed on the back of each disc; this should be facing towards the shaft of the mandrel)

For a pre-polish to polish, work your way through the grades, beginning with the coarsest to the finest.

Unlike natural bristle brushes, there is no need to add compound, so there is no mess and no chemicals!

Use for pre-polishing, deburring and texturing for jewellery work, de-fuzzing and sanding in wood carving in all the awkward areas of your work.

  • Cleaning, Deburring, Pre-polishing, Texturing, and Defuzzing in Woodcarving
  • Removes Fire stains and discolouration
  • No compounds necessary
  • Long-lasting Cubitron Mineral Blend
  • Dust free
  • Perfect for hard-to-reach and detailed areas of work
  • For use on all metals, wood, ceramic and plastics
  • Flexible Bristles
  • Use with light pressure

Heavy cleaning
Fire-scale removal80, 120
Light oxide removal120, 220, 400
Pre-polishing220, 400, pumice
Semi-finishing400, pumice
Blending220, 400, pumice
Texturing80, 120, 220
Polishpumice, 1 micron, 6 micron


  • Brand: 3M
  • Diameter: 19mm
  • Depth: 1mm
  • Hole diameter: approx 1.5mm

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Other questions and our answers

I use a Dremel. I am polishing silver card cases from 1850 to 1940. What color wheels would you recommend? Some have varying degrees of tarnish and texture. I want to restore high polish but not destroye the metal.

David Vincent

Hi David, 

Sounds like a great project! Here's a list of the 3M and EVE radial polishing discs, and how each particular disc is relevant to each stage of your work:

Eveflex Twist Radial Polishing Discs:

Oxide and fire scale removal, and for your marks and tarnishing: Brown, Medium

Light Oxide removal and pre-polish: Green, Fine

Semi-finish: Beige, Ultra Fine

Finish: Gold, Medium Grit (EVE Radial Pumice Twist Radial Polishing Discs)

Final high lustre polish: Grey, Fine Grit (EVE Radial Pumice Twist Radial Polishing Discs)

3M Radial Bristle Polishing Discs:

Oxide and fire scale removal, and for your marks and tarnishing: White 120 grit. 

Light Oxide removal and pre-polish: Red 220 grit

Semi-finish: Blue 400 grit

Final polish: Pnk pumice 600 grit

 I hope this helps, but please ask if you have any further questions. 

Hello, What if I have a diamond ring that I am polishing, bezel set, can I use the radial bristles over diamonds? Thank you, Maria

Maria Garcia

We recommend using the EVE Radial Pumice Twist Discs as they are Excellent for removing scratches around bezel and set stones without damage to the stones.

Hi what would you recommend to polish out fine scratches from glass.


If you can feel the scratch with your finger nail, then we recommend our diamond polishing paste.

This article we wrote on removing scratches from glass may also be of some help:

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