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Small Diamond Grinding Wheels

Eternal Tools

Our small diamond grinding wheels are one of our most popular products and the cornerstone to many lathe turning operations.

Use our diamond wheels on your lathe or mounted separately for sharpening our tungsten carbide gravers, making your own spade drills, resharpening tools and even bevelling glass. 

  • D9: Fine (approx. 2,000 grit)
  • D46: Medium (approx. 325 grit)
  • D91: Coarse (approx. 140 grit)

The resin bonded diamond surface ensures that they are very hard wearing and leave a beautiful and accurate finish. A high concentration of diamond provides a quick cutting surface without vibration so you can spend more time working and less time sharpening.

We offer 3 grades of diamond wheels; coarse, medium and fine. The coarse grade is solely used for shaping hard materials and saves time when removing large stock amounts.

The medium grade is our all-purpose, most popular, diamond wheel and will put a great edge on a carbide graver or other carbide tools. 

Lastly, our fine diamond wheel is used for finishing, this is not always necessary but the better the tool the better the finish on your work.

8mm Arbor is not included. 

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How To Use Our Diamond Grinding Wheels

These diamond wheels are designed to be used dry and at slow speeds on your watchmaker's lathe. A light oil may be used to help with lubrication but providing you allow the wheel to cut naturally and do not run the wheel too quickly this isn't really necessary.

It is important to use the full face of the diamond wheel when sharpening and also to only use gentle pressure.

TIP: Work across the full width of the wheel

Resin bonded diamond wheels can be quickly trued using a silicon carbide brake controlled trueing device. However, every effort should be made to mount the wheel to within the required concentricity limits before using the trueing device.

How To Clean Your Diamond Grinding Wheels

If used on the correct materials then the wheel should rarely require cleaning, but if necessary, this can be done using a Diamond Dresser. Truing and dressing the wheel using this handy tool will level the surface area of your wheels and expose fresh diamond abrasive and produce a sharper and cleaner cutting wheel. Unlike single point diamond dressers, this tool is for dressing across the width of grinding wheels producing a flatter surface.

"I purchased the three grades of the small diamond grinding wheels and they are manufactured very accurately. They can be put to many uses including grinding small winding stems using a lathe milling attachment. Great product" - Stephen Geran. Restored Time Ltd
"I can't afford to be without it! Less time sharpening tools and more time turning. Why make life so difficult when this excellent tools can do it in half the time, with the added benefit of a perfect finish every time" - Keith Tibbs
"I put an accurate edge on my sapphire pallet stone with the diamond grinding wheel! I figured shaping the tiny sapphires accurately would be the hardest thing to achieve in the whole project. I'm just so so glad I found your website!"


Phenolic resin-bonded diamond grinding wheel

  • Diameter: 50.8mm
  • Depth: 10mm
  • Borehole: 6.35mm
"Whether one is in the carbide or steel graver camp sharpening with this wheel is a cinch and therefore a must have for the busy workshop, any graver can be touched up in an instant and even extensive re-shaping of the tip is only a few minutes work. While you are about it why not get hold of one of the proper 8mm arbors for the wheel too which will save hours making your own" - Justin Koullapis Horological Journal Technical Editor
"We use carbide turning tools extensively and the sharpening of their cutting edges had proved a problem until we purchased one of Eternal Tools diamond grinding wheels. They cut cleanly, are vibration free which is essential. An excellent cutting edge can be achieved without the use of coolant" - Jones & Chambault

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I am learning clock repair with no engineering background so I apologise if this is a crazy question. The diamond wheel works so well for sharpening my carbide graver (though takes a very steady hand and some practice!) that I am tempted to use it for my HSS gravers. Will this damage the wheel? Opinion seems to vary when I ask around. Thanks for your help and good products. Bryan

bryan morland

HI Bryan, thanks for your kind words. We don't recommend using HSS on our diamond wheels because it can clog. However, if you intermittently use HSS and carbide then it isn't usually too much of a problem. 

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