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Grey Rubber Silicone Polishers

EVE Ernst Vetter

These Grey Rubber Polishing Burrs are a medium grit abrasive, superb for pre-polishing metals and for smoothing in glass engraving. Use on materials such as glass, enamel, non-ferrous metals such as platinum, gold, titanium and silver and for use on steel, acrylics and resin. Do not exceed 15,000rpm.

All burrs are mounted on a 2.35mm (3/32") steel shank. The wheel polisher is unmounted and will require a Screw Mandrel to hold it with.

Read on for further detailed information and technical specifications.

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For further shapes please take a look at the Dark Grey #600 range on this page: EVEFLEX TECHNIK Mounted Rubber Polishing Burrs and the Dark Grey #600 polisher on this page: EVEFLEX TECHNIK Unmounted Rubber Polishers

Use these grey rubber polishers to smooth out the roughness on metals, or for smoothing and shading when glass engraving after pre-smoothing with an Arkansas Stone Burr.

These are high quality dental rubber abrasives which are mounted on a 2.35mm shank. They will be a nice addition to your tool set for working on jewellery making, glass engraving and craft projects for smoothing and polishing metals, enamels, glass and acrylic.

Can be used on non-ferrous metals such as chrome, titanium, platinum, gold and silver. Plus steel and stainless steel, resin,enamel, acrylics and glass

  • Produces a slight lustre
  • For use with hand held drill, micro motor or pendant drill
  • Use Dry
  • Begin with slow speed, do not exceed 15,000RPM
  • Mounted on a 2.35mm Shank (3/32")

Tip: These are abrasives, be careful to use them within the lines of your design if you're using them in glass or gemstone engraving to avoid marking the surrounding area.

“The large fat grey rubber polisher (Dome shape) is what I have used for many years and is great not only for shading but also on its own on clear glass for creating a “hue”. The Bullet shaped one is softer and is also good for shading and is a little gentler. Both should preferably be used dry and not necessarily at any significant speed. Used on a very rough surface they will wear away fast so if an area of harsh engraving needs softening, preferably use a soft stone to smooth a bit before the rubber. Great on sandblasted areas to create a darker tone” - Lesley Pyke. Lesley Pyke Ltd Glass Engraving


EVE Silicon Carbide mounted burrs onto a 2.35mm shank, medium grit.

  • Bullet: Diameter: 10mm, Length: 24mm
  • Dome: Diameter: 15mm, Length: 17mm
  • Flame: Diameter: 10mm, Length: 20mm

Unmounted EVE Silicon Carbide wheel, medium grit.

  • Wheel knife edged - tapered at the edges: Diameter: 22mm, Depth: 3mm

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