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Diamond Lapping Polishing Film

  • 1 micron (Fawn)
  • 3 micron (Pink)
  • 6 micron (Yellow)

With very fine impregnated diamond this film is a godsend when it come to final polishing operations. You will not find a finer polishing medium than this anywhere!

1micron is the finest, progressing to 6 micron being the coarsest

TIP: Cut and use for polishing Pivots

Cut the polishing film and stick or support it with a hardened backing. Wooden pegs or plastic rectangles are excellent as backings. Or simply apply to a wheel in order to polish gemstones and cabochons.

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Precision Diamond film

  • Diameter: 6" (150.8mm)
  • Micron: 1 is the finest, progressing to 6 micron being the coarsest

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I am a hobbyist lapidary working with an antiquated machine which I am currently converting from silicon carbide wheels to diamond. I want to know if you have a product such as your diamond polishing papers which can be applied to my 6 in. Spin discs to smooth and polish my gemstone cabochons more effectively. Are they strong enough to work with agate?

Kathryn Davenport

You have a few options for polishing and smoothing your cabochons. The first product we would recommend would be the Diamond Polishing paste which can be applied to any surface on your machine so if you have a blank lap or disc for instance or a felt disc. These come in a range of micron  sizes from coarse to super fine so will take you from removing material, grinding, smoothing, pre-polishing, polishing and a mirror finish. These will last you a long time as you only need a small amount, and come ready prepared in a syringe. The diamond lapping film will also work as a final polish and the round diamond laps for faceting and grinding. 

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