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Eveflex Twist Radial Polishing Discs (Pack of 2)

EVE Ernst Vetter

These unique flexible, bristle polishing discs by EVE allow you to polish and clean difficult-to-reach, intricate and detailed areas on all metals such as small jewellery parts, engineering threads and bores.  Twist discs are great for use by jewellers, silversmiths, precision engineers and craftspeople, and the coarser grades for wood carvers to remove wood fibres.

Choose from the following grits:

  • Blue, Extra Coarse (Pack of 2) approx. 100 grit - Heavy cleaning
  • Dark Grey, Coarse (Pack of 2) approx. 220 grit - Oxide and fire-scale removal, texturing
  • Brown, Medium (Pack of 2) approx. 360 grit  - Light oxide removal, pre-polish and texturing
  • Green, Fine (Pack of 2) approx. approx. 1200 grit - Semi-finish and blending
  • Beige, Ultra Fine (Pack of 2) approx. 1-2µm (micron) - Finish and blending
  • Set of 10 (2 of each grade)

For a final high lustre, mirror finish polish use the EVE Pumice Twist radial Polishing Discs (also ideal for set stonework)

***Mandrel not included*** 

Stack the polishing discs in pairs on a screw mandrel and use them in your rotary tool, pendant drill, flexible shaft or micro motor. Unlike natural bristle brushes, there is no need to add compound, so no mess, and no chemicals! Use at a recommended speed of about 8,000-12,000 RPM. Do not exceed 15,000 RPM. 17mm diameter.

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Why We Like Them...

Unlike other radial polishing discs, you only need a minimum of two polishing discs on your mandrel and you can stack them any way you like without having to make sure the bristles face a certain way.  

The radial discs are best used in pairs. Each polishing disc is flat on one side allowing you to put two flat sides together to create a knife edge, great for getting into tight areas. 

Alternatively, stack one twist disc on top of the other to create a brush. The innovative disc shape and the stacked application create a high lustre polish while preserving the original surface structure.

Helpful note. If you rotate one of the discs by six degrees the bristles will interlock between each of them creating a continuous surface so you get a nice smoother finish and more abrasion. If you line them up together, creating gaps in between, this helps with particle removal.

Use Diatwist Radial Polishing Discs for use on Platinum, Titanium and Ceramics

Use Pumice Twist Radial Polishing Discs for use on Gold and Silver and jewellery with set stones. 

  • Use in pairs on a mandrel
  • Stack them in any direction
  • Cleaning, Deburring, Pre-polishing, Texturing, and Defuzzing in Woodcarving
  • Removes Fire stain and discolouration
  • No compounds necessary
  • Dust free
  • Perfect for hard-to-reach and detailed areas of work
  • For use on all metals, wood, ceramic and plastics
  • Flexible Bristles
  • Use with light pressure


  • Diameter: 17mm
  • Thickness: 1.2mm

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