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22nd July 2014

Eternal Tools Day Out at Art in Action

Eternal Tools day out at Art in Action

Art in Action held at Waterperry Gardens, Oxfordshire, took place over 4 days and showcased some of the best influential and emerging talent.

The day was a scorching hot one and I felt for the stall holders and exhibitors under the canvas tents. As for the glass blowing demonstrator, he gave an excellent tutorial class even with the added heat of the burning furnace next to him. Top marks to you sir!

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14th July 2014

Interview with Dragonfly Jewels

Interview with Dragonfly Jewels by Eternal Tools

Annie Nowak from Dragonfly Jewels works from her studio in the heart of Robin Hood Country where she creates unique pieces suitable for every personality. We had the pleasure of chatting with Annie about her work and the progression of her business.

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30th June 2014

3 Glass Projects to Inspire You

3 Glass Projects to inspire you by Eternal Tools

To welcome in July we're showcasing for you some of this summer's popular glass projects. We're giving you a taste of some of the things you can make and create using Eternal Tools cold working glass tools.

We have a little bit of sea glass, glass engraving and fused glass to tempt and inspire you. Read on to find out more about the artists and their work.

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How to Carve Hearts In Pebbles & Sea Glass
16th June 2014

How to Carve Hearts In Pebbles & Sea Glass

Once you've mastered the skill of drilling a hole through a pebble or sea glass you can begin to get creative and start to carve and engrave designs into them. This easy to follow tutorial with step by step pictures shows you how.

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11th June 2014

Interview with Contemporary Glass Jeweller, Ruth Lyne

Interview with Ruth Lyne contemporary glass

Ruth Lyne takes her inspiration from the natural colours of the sea shore, her memories of the coast and beachcombing. We had the pleasure of chatting with Ruth about her work and here we showcase some of her fused glass jewellery, panels and giftware pieces and find out more about the artist herself.

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19th May 2014

Tool Review of Bottle Neck Diamond Core Drills by Caroline Channing Glass

Tool review of Bottle neck diamond core drills by glass artist, Caroline Channing

Caroline of Caroline Channing Glass recently discovered Bottle Neck Diamond Core Drills. With her Dremel Drill in hand and some scrap bits of glass she used these core drills to test out some new ideas she had in mind for some glass pendants, the results are fantastic.

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16th May 2014

How to Create Shade In Your Glass Engraving.

How to create shade in your glass engraving

Paul Amphlett was a self taught artist and illustrator for 18 years until 2007 when he went to the Royal Forest of Dean to help and work with his dear friend and stained glass artist Mollie Meager. Here, Paul shares some of his incredible work and explains how he's expanded his knowledge of shading in glass engraving and the tools with which to do it.

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27th March 2014

Recycling Your Old Tools

Recycling Your Old Tools

John Vinzant from Indiana, USA, recently told us about how he recycled some old tungsten Carbide Graver's.

With the help of a Diamond Grinding wheel and a homemade jig, find out more about his recycling abilities.

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26th March 2014

Interview with Glass Engraver, Justin Lawson

Interview with Glass Engraver, Justin Lawson

Justin of JLEngraving prides himself on being a hand engraver using only his rotary drill and burrs to create his imaginative glass engravings.

We had the pleasure of being able to chat with Justin about his work and philosophies. Have a read...

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19th March 2014

7 Uses For Bottle Neck Diamond Core Drills

7 Uses for Bottle Neck Diamond Core Drills on glass, ceramic and stone

When it comes to making holes in glass, stone or ceramic you have to use a diamond drill bit, more specifically, a diamond core drill. Now, like me you may have discovered that if you want to drill a hole larger than, lets say 3mm, you have to use a heavy handed household drill because the shank of the core drill is too big to fit into your handy hobby drill...

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