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29th April 2015

Everything You Need to Know About Diamond Files & How To Use Them

Everything you ever wanted to know about diamond needle files and the 12 way to use them

Due to the hardness of diamond, diamond files can be used on a variety of materials that other abrasives will not have an impact upon. This article tells you what a diamond file is, the advantages of diamond files over other files and it's many, many uses. Re-shape, sharpen, enlarge holes, grind, remove burrs and solder, bevel, cross-grain...

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21st April 2015

Horotec Screw Case Watch Back Removal Tool - Everything You Need to Know

Horotec Screw Case Watch Back Removal Tool - Everything You Need to Know

Select two indentations which are diagonally opposite. These need to be in a straight line across the center of the watch case because the wrench will pivot around the center.

Offer up the wrench but avoid actually touching the watch until you have to...

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17th April 2015

How to Open Watch Backs Using a Wenger Swiss Watch Case Opener Knife

How to Open Watch Backs Using a Wenger Swiss Watch Case Opener Knife

First identify where the notch or groove is on the back of the watch. Some watches have small tabs on the back, others have a small groove.

Resting your watch on a cushioned pad hold it firmly...

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2nd April 2015

Meet The Artist: Charlotte De Syllas, Gemstone Carver and Jeweller

Interview with Charlotte De Syllas, stone carver.

Charlotte De Syllas is acknowledged as one of the finest art jewellers working in Britain today. Since 1966 she has been making original commissioned pieces using gemstone and metal with the art of fine carving. By using colours and different minerals Charlotte carves her stone to reflect each individual client whilst using natural forms to help inspire her along the way.

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26th February 2015

Interview With Glass Engraver Sue Burne

Eternal Tools Interview With Glass Engraver Sue Burne

Sue Burne is the Chairman of The Guild of Glass Engravers as well as being an elected member of the Somerset Guild of Craftsmen.
Her glass engraving work is done with a hand drill using diamond and stone burrs.

In this interview with Eternal Tools we hear more about Sue's work and share some of her amazing drill engraved glass pieces.

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4th February 2015

Meet the Artist: Raymond Gilbert-Griffiths, Ceramicist

Eternal Tools meets Art in Ceramics artist: Raymond Gilbert-Griffiths

Raymond Gilbert-Griffiths studied ceramics at Westminster College in the mid 80’s, when he was in his mid 20’s, focusing on slab and coil.

He was fascinated by the fact that you could take raw clay and make it into a permanent object.

He now works from home in the South West of France

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4th February 2015

Meet The Maker: Jeweller, philongold

Eternal Tools interview with jeweller philongold. Silver and gemstone

My designs come from nature, and in particular the way that trees divide and how their branches and roots intertwine with each other.

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12th December 2014

Interview with Glass Artist Jenny Ayrton

Playground by glass artist Jenny Ayrton for Eternal Tools

Devon based glass artist, Jenny Ayrton, creates miniature wonderlands with wire encased in glass using a sand-casting technique.

Her inspiration comes from the beauty she see's in everyday scenarios; washing on a line blowing in the breeze or a bench in the shade.

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25th November 2014

Interview with Jeweller and Ceramic Sculptor, Bianca Edmonds

Interview with ceramic sculptor and jeweller, Bianca Edmonds

Nature, mythology, folk art, and narrative have influenced Bianca Edmonds work. Using a variety of techniques and mediums along with her appreciation of ceramics, organic forms in nature such as sea glass and pebbles, she creates the imaginative work we see here.

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24th November 2014

Eternal Tools Day Out at Living Crafts for Christmas at Blenheim Palace

Eternal Tools day out at Living Crafts, Blenheim Palace

Showcasing 150 British designers and makers, along with some food and drink merchants, there was a high standard of crafts from jewellery, ceramics, glass art, wood and textiles at this years Living Crafts at Blenheim Palace.

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