With over 7 billion people living in the world today, 600 thousand of them celebrate their birthday in November. They are lucky to have topaz and citrine as their birth stones. Both of these stones are said to give positive vibes to people. The former is even said to carry "love energies" while the latter brings money and luck to the ones who use it.


Gemstone experts say that wearing topaz makes people more aware of their thoughts and deeds. This special stone is also meant to cleanse a person's emotions and actions whilst helping to remove energy that is inactive within the body. Why detox when you can wear Topaz I say! It is also said to bring a soothing energy to a place that needs it. It helps heal and give energy and promotes the feeling of being young and to forgive. Naturally, it is colourless, however impurities within the stone means we find it in many colours, from a deep yellow to a medium brown, pink, blue and to the common clear ones.

Smooth Yellow Topaz stones


The citrine stone is a special one too. In olden times, it was called 'the stone of the mind'. They say that putting citrine on the forehead of an elder would make their "psychic" power stronger. The citrine stone is said to be a lucky stone for merchants, helping businessmen and women in monetary concerns. Healers use citrine stones to help others boost their self esteem as well as protect them from negative energy that comes from others' abuse. Citrine also helps a person to be more open minded and have clarity when it comes to his or her thoughts. Like topaz, citrine also cleanses whatever it is that dwells in the body. It helps calm and soothe stressful situations. It is also used to relieve depression as well as digestive problems.

Citrine Rough - yellow color 

Citrine - diamond shape 

These two stones are not only for people who celebrate their birthdays in November but for those who are looking for financial help and a little healing of the soul. We may not believe what they can do for us but as Christmas is around the corner a little financial help wouldn't go a miss so it might be worth wearing some and see how your luck fares!