John Vinzant from Indiana, USA, recently told us about how he recycled some old tungsten Carbide Graver's with the help of a Diamond Grinding wheel and a homemade jig. Here's what John has to say...

"I recently purchased a really nice carbide graver from you. It was nice to work with a good sharp tool"

Purchasing the new ones inspired John to resurrect the pair of carbide gravers he'd purchased from Eternal Tools several years ago. By using a D46 Diamond Grinding wheel with a bit of oil it did a fine job bringing back the old and much chewed-up gravers.

He then built a simple jig for sharpening that saves time and provides him with a perfectly sharpened graver. Since he uses a little oil on the diamond wheel, an oil shield made from a section of scotch bottle tube keeps the workshop clean. Genius!

Sharpening Jig with Scotch Shield, Diamond Grinding Wheel and Tungsten Carbide Graver

Sharpening Jig With Scotch Shield. Diamond grinding wheel and carbide graver

Carbide Graver in Sharpening Jig with diamond grinding wheel

Carbide Graver in Sharpening Jig with diamond grinding wheel

If like John, you've also found an ingenious way to make some homemade piece of kit or tool, or perhaps a clever way of recycling your old tools to work for you in other ways, then we'd love to hear about it.

Tip: If you're into home podiatry and you've got gnarly troll feet then an old fine diamond burr could bring them back to life!

There, that's my personal tip for how to use old diamond burrs. What do you do with your old tools?