Nancy Sutcliffe review of her Glass Engraving using Eternal Tools

Our guest blog post today is written by Nancy Sutcliffe, Glass Engraver who has very kindly shared her words of wisdom with regards to a few tools that she uses in her beautiful engravings.

Nancy uses her drill engraver as you would with paint brush to canvas. Many engravers use the drill technique because it allows them to 'draw' on the glass, allowing more control and freedom.

Now over to Nancy to hear what she had to say....

"A few weeks ago, the good people at Eternal Tools sent a Grey Rubber Silicone Polisher Bullet all the way to Dubai for me to review. Here's a little photo blog of the test drive!

 I use a polisher to quickly check the modelling on my work as I go along, so the bullet was very good for that.

When I was happy with the deep carving, I began smoothing first with a worn ball diamond burr, then silicon carbide flame (fine) then arkansas stone (large cone) then the polishing bullet.

The Bullet polisher's a good workhorse and can take the engraving back to a reasonable grey and cover a large area. I went at half the speed I would engrave initially, and sort of patted or dabbed the glass, then speeded up for the last pass. 

I finished off with a wheel polisher to get a good black in the shadows and on the ridges. The eye went a couple of stages further with green polishing paste and then finally white paste.

All the burrs I used are in the last pic. There is still work to do on the engraving, but you get the general idea"

Glass Engraving Tools Used...

Diamond Grinding Polishing Paste by Eternal Tools

Diamond Polishing Paste

If you're new to glass engraving and would like to try your hand at the drill technique, have a read of '5 Essential Beginners Glass Engraving Tools'

A huge thanks to Nancy for her review of our grey rubber polishers.

Lesley Pyke, Glass engraver, also gave us her expert opinion on a couple of the polishers: Bullet and Dome shaped, over on the product page.