Eternal tools had the pleasure of talking with Alene Geed, jewellery designer and writer. Alene's favourite technique is Fold Forming because she loves bending metal to come up with her ‘out of the box’ designs. Read on to find out more...

When did you first start making your jewelry designs and who or what inspired you to begin?

The red creek jasper by Alene Geed in an interview with Eternal Tools

In 2003 I began creating my own pieces.

My inspirational moment was quite unexpected. I was in my office admiring a turquoise necklace that a co-worker had created. Suddenly I felt compelled to create. I literally had to construct something just as stunning. I couldn't wait to dig through the stash I had at home, (remnants from a temporary venture in amateur beading). I spent the next weeks combing through bead stores ultimately discovering metal work as my true passion.

Do you have a studio space you work from, tell us about it?

Alene Geed's studio. Interview with the artist by Eternal Tools

My studio space is actually located in two areas of my home. The garage houses my metalsmith work. My workbench and accompanying cart, house my hammers, saws, files, sanding supplies, metals, and more. In addition I have a soldering station, rolling mill, tumbler, flex shaft and vise. The spare bedroom consists of a desk where I can do my finishing work attaching jump rings, earwires, neck pieces and more.

What mediums or techniques do you work with?

Alene Geed's jewellery. Interview with the artist by Eternal Tools

I love working with raw copper and silver. Starting with copper/silver sheet or wire, I add texturing, shaping and bezels for gemstones. A few years ago I discovered the Fold Forming technique and absolutely adore bending metal to come up with ‘out of the box’ designs.

Are there any new mediums or techniques that interest you?

I would love to master flush stone setting. The finished product is so beautiful. While I have taken a course in this process, I soon learned that it will take LOTS more practice to create the quality of work I want to achieve.

What is the main inspiration for your designs?

I love earth tones texture and geometric lines. I feel that these types of pieces say a lot about the woman that wears them. She is an independent, strong woman who knows who she is and allows her design selections to show her true self to those who interact with her.

Do you have any anecdotes about your work?

Inspiration hits me at all hours. In fact I cannot turn off the ideas at all. Often I will get up in the middle of the night to create an idea that is burning in my mind. My husband now calls me 'The Naked Jewelry Lady'... because I of course don’t want to take the extra time to put on clothes before beginning my nocturnal creative session!

What has been your favorite piece that you've made?

Alene Geed with her book.

This is a tough one as it keeps changing as my work evolves. Currently I am obsessed with Red Creek Jasper Gemstones that I discovered in Tucson 2 years ago. I have created several designs using this gem. Last year I also published my book: Inside the Mind of A Jewelry Designer, which chronicles my journey into passion and my creative self. This project took on a life of its own and became another creative outlet for me. I am very proud of the book. It forced me to examine my life more deeply and to share these insights with my readers.

What keeps you going whilst working

My cat 'Button' is a constant help. OK, she tends to try to play with the components so not really a help but I love having her around. I do savor my flavored coffees for caffeine. Mostly though, when I get in the ‘zone’ of working, I prefer no distractions. I even forget to eat sometimes. And believe me this was a very unusual occurrence before I discovered my passion.

Tell us about where you sell your work and any upcoming exhibitions

I sell my work primarily online through

This year I am also participating in two Art Festivals. Tempe Arts Festival – December 6th-8th and Mesa Arts Festival December 14th-15th. Both held in Arizona

Do you have a favourite tool?

Yes, I love hammers! I particularly love the ones that help me with texturing. Right now I have 3 versions of texturing

What's next for Alene’s Adornments.

New designs, new venues – perhaps I will explore Gallery sales next? Right now I am concentrating on building my brand. I want people to be able to see my design and KNOW it was created by Alene!

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