Infinity Stop uses different mediums that inspire their stunning jewellery pieces. Read on to find out more about the artist, Alek Lindus and her work...

When did you first start making your jewellery, and who or what inspired you to begin?

I started making jewellery 5 years ago - out of a background of photography, collage, installation and sculpture. It's about using thoughts and ideas with different mediums, jewellery is like sculpture in miniature. Essentially the things I find have always inspired me.

Alek Lindus of Infinity Stop

Do you have a studio space you work from, tell us about it?

My studio space is in our house. It was designed and built as a studio space. The house was like an afterthought. It is big with high ceilings and it's full of accumulated stuff - which is pretty eclectic. I still look for sculptural pieces. I don't collect things that are not going to be morphed into something else, unless they are containers of some kind. the best thing about having a space like this is you can make a big mess for a long time without it affecting your daily life.


What mediums or techniques do you work with?

Anything that interests me, and as soon as it gets too slick, or repetitive I get bored with it. Silversmithing at the moment because I'm learning so much about the soul of this metal - its properties, what gives to it - what takes away. How it's going to age in its current form. Leather is also a big favourite of mine, whether recycled or new, it has so many possibilities and there are some wonderful techniques for working with it from all over the world - from Gaucho bridle work to Tuareg amulets.

Alek Lindus Technique

Are there any new mediums or techniques that interest you?

Casting and engraving silver and gold, and finding new ways to join forms, concepts, in the simplest possible way as well as printing, I would really love to learn some of the traditional printing techniques, etching, silkscreen, and woodcut.

Alek Lindus New Medium

What is the main inspiration for your designs?

Time, history, cultures, identity, the planet, pebbles - which have a little of all, and are all around. I live on a Greek island and it is also an infinite source of inspiration - as is Greece's cultural heritage.

Alex Lindus Inspiration for Design

Do you have any amusing or interesting stories (anecdotes) about your work?

I am not sure I've got an appropriate sense of humour. I have a friend who is as crazy as me about finding old treasures (what others would consider rubbish) and we did have many good times exploring the abandoned tanneries in the second biggest town on the island. In one of the buildings that was a shell with no roof, we found in a false bottom window frame a stash of Italian military paraphernalia from WW2 - though it wasn't gold coins, or ancient treasure it was an exciting find!

Shell earings by Alek Lindus of infinity Stop

What has been your favourite piece that you've made?

They are all my favourites whilst I'm making them and there is a sense of accomplishment - none once they're completed. One piece of stone setting comes to mind, it was based on a byzantine cross I found on eBay, I liked the design so much I created some variations of it - this particular one pleased me a lot.

Byzantine Cross by Alek Lindus

What keeps you going whilst working (pets, caffeine, music....)

Stopping and taking the dogs for a walk keeps me going - I'm very one track minded, and work very intensely and would probably do it 24/7 if the dogs didn't remind me they need walking and exploring. They are both rescue dogs and one of them is a real specialist at finding abandoned dwellings in the countryside, opening cupboards, checking under beds. then it's the work itself that keeps me going, the flow of ideas and the way things evolve incrementally in each piece.

When Alek Lindus takes a break

Tell us about where you sell your work and any upcoming exhibitions.

I have an etsy shop online - infinitystop and a small shop in one of the more popular tourist villages on the island - manolates - in the summer.

Alek Lindus Exhibits

Do you have a favourite tool?

All tools are fantastic - I love them all, from chainsaws to drill bits and anything you can imagine in-between.

What's next for Infinity Stop?

Cuttle fish casting, now that the winter is coming and the days are more relaxed and conducive to working and walking.


If you want to find out more about Alek, read the blog, visit the etsy shop or discover the beautiful photography work at The Eternal Tools team would like to thank Alek for letting us take time out of her busy, artistic schedule to have a chat with us. As always, it's been a pleasure and we hope you enjoy hearing and seeing her work as much as we have. If you'd like to find out more about how you too can drill through pebbles to make jewellery, come and have a read of our Tutorial 'How To Drill Pebbles' If you'd like to feature in one of our interviews, please feel free to contact us.