How to Open Watch Backs Using a Wenger Swiss Watch Case Opener Knife

The above image shows a small Wenger Swiss army knife containing two stainless steel blades. This is a small pocket knife made from solid anodized aluminium with an attractive red anodized satin finish. The handle is 6cm long (about 2.5 inches) and It is riveted all the way through.

The first blade is an extremely sharp 6cm (2.5") straight blade. The razor-sharp blade locks into place firmly, and aside from using this on your watches, this is a great, useful everyday little knife blade for many uses.

The other blade is small and curved, about 1.5 inches or 35mm. This blade is not sharp at all. This is quite blunt and deliberately so because this is designed for prying off the back of pressure-fitted watch backs.

Removing the back of a watch case using a Wenger watch case opener knife

  1. First, identify where the notch or groove is on the back of the watch. Some watches have small tabs on the back, others have a small groove.
  2. Resting your watch on a cushioned pad hold it firmly and put the edge of the blunt blade just under the groove or tab.
  3. Rotate the blade and by slightly twisting the handle you will pop the back off.
  4. Once you've popped the back open, remove the blade and take it off using your fingers or tweezers. 

Helpful note: It's important to rotate the blade rather than lift it up and down. This action may cause the tip of the blade to scratch and damage the watch inside.

So there you have it, a superb, Swiss-engineered knife for removing a watch case.
If you'd like to take a further look at these or watch the video demonstrating this tool, take a look here:

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