Alan Sinclair, Glass Engraving Otter using Eternal Tools Glass Engraving tools

Alan Sinclair is a Wildlife Photographer and uses his photographs to create his beautiful glass engravings as seen here. He is currently setting up a business to incorporate both his passion of wildlife photography and his art.

Alan say's that he has recently rediscovered his fondness for engraving because he hasn't touched an engraving tool for over 40 years. However, engraving used to be his first job. He used to sandblast and hand engrave the intricate designs on granite memorials. His clientele would ask for anything from religious figures to the Star Ship Enterprise!

What tools did Alan Use?

Alan uses a variety of our engraving tools, here are some of the tools he uses to create his pieces:

  1. Diamond FG Dental Burrs: Ball, Flame and Cone shapes
  2. Diamond Point Burrs (Rat's Tail Burrs)
  3. Mini Rubber Silicone Polishers: Knife Edge and Wheel shapes in varying grades

Diamond FG Dental Burrs Set

Range of Diamond FG Dental Burrs

We wish Alan all the very best with his new venture and hope to see much more of his work. Thanks Alan for sharing your exquisite art pieces with us.

Alan Sinclair, Glass Engraving Owl decanter and glasses

Mini Rubber Silicone Polishers Knife Edge

Knife Edge Rubber Polishers

If you would like to have a go at some glass engraving why not take a look at our article '5 Essential Beginners Glass Engraving Tools'. This will help you get the right kit for the drill technique of glass engraving.

Alan Sinclair, Glass Engraving Highland Cattle

Alan Sinclair, Glass Engraving Owl