Based in Italy, Annalisa Tosi shares with us some of her beautiful engravings into glass and gemstone.

Engraved Moonstone gem necklace by Annalisa Tosi using a diamond cone burr

Engraved and carved Moonstone Necklace

Up until now Annalisa has been using a diamond cone burr to create the effects to her glass engraving but is now experimenting with light and shade and 3D effects on her glass using a wider variety of tools . She has many clients who commission her to do something personal for them while her other products are just part of her artistic accomplishments.

Recycled Green Bottles, glass engraved by Annalisa Tosi

Recycled glass bottles, engraved

Since these engraving's Annalisa has expanded her tool kit and decided to try something different, this glass engraved flower is the result of her new range of burrs and polishers...lovely, I think you'll agree.

Glass Engraved Flower By Annalisa Tosi

Glass Engraved Flower

To create the shading and depth seen in the flower engraving, Annalisa used a combination of these tools:

Diamond FG Burrs Set

Diamond FG Burrs Set

Any craft develops and matures with time and experience, and the use of different tools to create effect and technique can help with this. Annalisa's wonderful examples of her work over the course of time show the ability to grow with our skills and hobbies. We look forward to seeing more of Annalisa's work and thank her for sharing the work she's created and the tools she used.