Using Eternal Tools to cut metal, grind out shapes in steel, and engrave and polish glass. These customer examples of their work shows how they use certain tools in their creations

Here at Eternal Tools we love to receive photo's you've taken showing us how you are using the tools you buy from us.  We have so many images sent in that we can't show them all, but here's a small example of some of the most recent. 

Paul Mason of Mason Knives is a full time knife maker trying to keep English handmade knives alive!

Templates are made from O1 tool steel and a shield shape is cut out using a jewellers saw frame with piercing saw blades. These are then filed to size and hardened, not tempered.

The 1.2mm carbide cylinder burrs he uses to route out a pocket for the stainless steel shields on the knives. The pocket is only about 1.2mm deep, the same depth of the Stainless steel shield.
The below image shows the process to cut a "pocket" in the scale material.

More of Paul's work can be found on his instagram account where most of the different patterns can be seen.

Mason Knives by Paul Mason are made using Eternal Tools, tools.  Carbide Cylinder burrs (TCCY) are predominatly used, plus a piercing saw blades in a jewellers saw frame for cutting out the shields.

The glass engraving of a lion below has been expertly done by Tatooist Jean-Francois Miralles.

The effect has been done by using a combination of small diamond ball burrs, EVEflex Brown Rubber Bullet Polishing Burr (also see a wider range of shapes here), flame and bullet shaped Grey Rubber Silicone Polishers and cylinder and ball shaped White Arkansas Stone Burrs.

Glass Engraving of a lion by Jean-Francois Miralles.  He used a combination of tools from Eternal Tools: small diamond ball burrs, white arkansas stone burrs, eveflex polishers, grey rubber polishers and more

Adrienne McClure used the Glass Engraving Kit (Bare Minimum), a kit suitable for beginners or those requiring the bare essentials for glass engraving using the drill technique.

Adrienne's response to using the kit was as follows:

Bird of Prey Glass Engraving by Adrienne McClure. Engraved using Eternal Tools Glass Engraving Kit (Bare Minimum) product code: BMGEK