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13 Materials Used for Jewellery Making
6th August 2019

13 Materials Used for Jewellery Making

Jewellery design incorporates many different materials ranging from metals such as gold and silver, to glass, stone, ceramic, acrylic, shell and wood. Eternal Tools details each, along with the pros and cons of using these materials in your jewellery making.

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5th September 2012

Rock Solid By Carlo G Verda

The pebble used in this design was just one I picked up from the beach and was not particulary hard. I used a small cutting disk to shape the curved edges for the roof and a 6mm core drill for the central hole.

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22nd June 2012

Boodi Blu Jewellery

'To create Boodi Blu jewellery I drill holes into the china using a Dremel drill and Eternal Tools diamond drill bits. I use a 0.75mm or 1mm diamond drill bit. Holding the china underwater...

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