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30th April 2013

Nancy Sutcliffe DNA Fingerprint Engraving

Nancy Sutcliffe DNA Fingerprint Glass Engraving using Sintered diamond burrs

Inspired by our DNA fingerprint, Nancy Sutcliffe engraved this 6cmx6cm intaglio work with a range of diamond sintered burrs.

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5th September 2012

Lesley Pyke Glass Engravings

Lesley Pyke Glass Engravings

Lesley Pyke used our Diamond High Speed FG Dental Burs to carve and engrave these two beautiful pieces of work. The first picture shows the Cone (Coarse) bur in use to carve away the glass, creating a scalloped type effect edge. The second picture...

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6th June 2012

Glass Engraving of a Panda by Diamond Dust Engraving.

Lenore Giesbrecht shares with us her engraving of a panda on a glass tumbler, engraved using our tools.

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