Caroline Channing Glass, Wood, Bike Parts and Fused Glass Sculpture made using Eternal Tools, Diamond Tools

With this project Caroline stepped into a new realm. Having made stained glass windows and decorative items from fused glass for the last 10 years with her company 'Caroline Channing Glass' she's taken a side step and produced this mixed media sculpture incorporating wood, old bike parts and fused glass.

Caroline said a lot of the inspiration for the piece came about due to wondering how she could incorporate fused glass into the holes in the wood without banging nails in or affecting the surface of the wood in any way.

6 of the pieces of fused glass are suspended by thread running through drilled holes using Eternal Tools diamond drill bits. The 3 glass and cog elements are held in by the bike chain and 1 piece of glass is held in by the chain and secured by thread running through drilled holes.

Having completed the project Caroline is now excited to be embarking on larger fused glass panel sculptures. We look forward to seeing these!

If you'd like to know how to drill holes through glass, take a look at our easy to follow infographic 'How to Drill Through Glass'

Caroline Channing Wood, Fused Glass and Old Bike Parts Sculpture