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31st October 2013

Interview with Alek Lindus of Infinity Stop

Infinity Stop uses different mediums that inspire their stunning jewellery pieces. Read on to find out more about the artist, Alek Lindus and her work

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14th October 2013

Interview with Sarah Marafie of Boodi Blu

Sarah Marafie of Boodi Blu recycles fragments of discarded china, steeped in history and nostalgia into exquisite, handcrafted jewellery pieces.

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9th October 2013

Repair of a Carriage Clock Wheel

Clock repairer Julius has dovetailed a new tooth into a carriage clock wheel. Find out how, and what tools he used to help him do this.

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3rd October 2013

How to Drill A Hole in Glass Bottles (Infographic)

How to Drill a Hole in Glass Bottles

Recycle your empty wine and beer bottles and turn them into something wonderful. Here we show you how to drill a hole in your glass bottles in this easy to follow infographic.

It's really easy to transform your favourite tipple of Merlot into a wind chime or a lantern once you've drunk it, so give it a clean, kit yourself out with a diamond core drill a hand drill and get busy!

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