Amanda's Attic jewellery designs use Eternal Tools Diamond Drill Bits to create her genuine sea glass creations.

Amanda Halliday makes sea glass jewellery from sea glass that has been collected from the shores of North East Scotland. She uses Eternal Tools Diamond Drill bits which she finds are perfect for drilling the glass along with a Proxxon drill. Visit Amanda's Etsy shop called Amanda's Attic which sells all her jewellery. The glass used in her designs is not altered in any way and is 100% genuine sea glass.

All lovingly created from her studio in Blairgowrie, Scotland. Amanda describes her jewellery style as...

... "minimalist with simple designs that are elegant and timeless"

If you'd like to find out how to drill holes through sea glass to create your own designs why not take a look at our easy to follow infographic "How to Drill Through Glass"