Small diamond coated 'tipped' drill bits

Diamond Drill Bits

The power, strength and reliability of diamonds are well known and although many people will focus on the beauty and majesty of diamonds, it is their usefulness for jewellers, the construction industry , craftspeople, engineers and lab researchers that is of interest here.

Our diamond drill bits are ideal for working with small materials and delicate materials and because these drill bits carry the benefit of being as hard and as reliable as a diamond they will drill through some of the hardest materials known to man. The flexibility of benefits that come from using this type of drill bit makes these diamond drill bits essential items and worth their cost many times over.

The two main types are diamond drill bits with a solid end and diamond core drills with a hollow core running through the length of the drill bit. To find out more about these, sintered, electroplated and troubleshooting tips have a read of our article '12 Things You Should Know About Diamond Drill Bits'

Dremel Multi Chuck 4486

Dremel Multi Chuck to hold the small shank of the drill bits

The small drill bits can be used in a standard rotary hand drill such as a Dremel, drill press, pendant motor or flexi shaft. You will need a collet kit or a multi chuck to hold these small drill bits in your drill as the shaft (the bottom of your diamond drill bit that goes into your drill) will be too small for the collet that is issued with your drill to hold.

Small Diamond Core Drills

Work by Carlo Verda using Small Diamond Core Drills

The small drill bits should be used with a very small amount of pressure and are recommended to be used at low RPM levels and with plenty of cold water either via a drip feed system or slightly submerged. This will preserve the life of your drill bit and the material you're drilling through. Blackening of the tip, diamonds coming away from the shank or cracking in your material will all indicate one of the above or a combination of all three.

So remember: Slow Speed, Low Pressure, Cold Water

Sea Glass Bangle by Kriket Broadhurst using small diamond drill bits

Sea Glass Bangle by Kriket Broadhurst using Small Diamond Drill Bits

When drilling with a small diamond drill bit, you should always look to stay as safe as possible. This means that you should utilise eye and ear protection at all times when drilling in this manner. The sound of the drill going through hard materials is often likened to the sound of a dentist drill and you know how annoying and jarring this can be. Protecting your ears should make the process a much more comfortable one for you.

Obviously it's important to keep the main drill away from all contact with the water but with a drill bit, it is possible to pierce through your material without taking the rest of the drill into the water. If you find the material you're drilling extends the length of the drill bit so that your drill is touching your glass lets say then you may wish to try our Extra Long Diamond Drill bits.

7 Uses for Small Diamond Drill Bits:

Drilling Ceramic & Porcelain

Boodi Blu Jewellery drills through ceramic and porcelain using diamond drill bits

Jewellery by Boodi Blu

With the trend for making recycled jewellery, many of you are making beautiful jewellery pieces out of found and restored pieces of ceramic and porcelain, also with ceramic tiles being a regular feature in many kitchens and bathrooms, there are a number of reasons why people would want to drill holes into ceramic tiles for shelving, bathroom cabinets, towel bars, toilet roll holders or shower curtains. And it doesn't stop there...Aunt Flo's old china can be lovingly restored, drilled through and turned into all manner of things from plant hangers, cake stands, light fittings and decorative mobiles.

Pete's Pots Soap Dish

Pete's Pot's Soap Dish

Drilling Pebbles

Pebbles can be a tremendous keepsake of a memorable holiday or nice day out and it is common for people to bring pebbles home with them so why not turn them into jewellery and wearable art. It's all down to personal preference as to whether or not you use the solid ended bits or the core drills but the small diamond core drills we do are perfect for drilling through your pebbles.

Drilling Gemstones

Again, gemstones can be a fantastic keepsake or memento of a brilliant time or trip and it is understandable that many people would choose to use them on a chain or bracelet. A small diamond drill bit can create the hole which allows for the gemstone to be used in this fashion.

Designs By Cara Louise

Designs by Cara Louise

Drilling Sea Glass

Sea Glass is a weathered form of glass that has been created from thousands of years worth of rolling around on the sea bed and is commonly located on beaches close to salt and fresh water. Sea glass has a frosted glass effect and it's use in jewellery making is extremely popular. This is where the importance of drilling fine holes in sea glass takes on greater importance.

Drilling Sea Shells

Smaller sea shells, once they have been fully cleaned, will make some lovely jewellery. It is important to be able to carefully drill a small hole to allow a thread, wire or chain to placed through the sea shell. This is where the use of a small diamond drill bit can make all the difference in creating a good hole without impacting on the strength or structure of the rest of the shell. Remember to wear your dust mask as the dust from sea shells is toxic.

Drilling Holes into Beads

Beads are an ideal way to personalise any chain or piece of jewellery so being able to drill a hole into a bead safely is a great boon for many people. If you are keen to create something truly unique, beads and the small diamond drill bit technology can make all the difference. If you already have some beads with holes in but your wire/chain or thread doesn't fit through, you may want to open up that hole using a diamond twist drill. The diamond grit runs along the edge of the drill so grinds away at the inside of your material smoothing out the inside and enlarging it for you.

Earrrings, Budding Twigs by MoMo Jewellery

Mo Mo Jewellery, drilled beads

Drilling Glass

Being able to drill a hole into a glass bottle opens up the possibility of being able to make lamps, wall vases and holders for candles. Drilling holes through fused glass can help to create pendants, earrings and other jewellery pieces. Or, maybe you're fond of tropical fish who need a home? Try drilling an aquarium with a large diamond core drill

Campsie Glass

Campsie Glass Buttons