Why Use a Bottle Neck Core Drill?

When it comes to making holes in glass, stone or ceramic you have to use a diamond drill bit, more specifically, a diamond core drill. Now, like me you may have discovered that if you want to drill a hole larger than, lets say 3mm, you have to use a heavy handed household drill because the shank of the core drill is too big to fit into your handy hobby drill (that's your Dremel and Foredom type drills for those new to the game)

If you're using a pendant motor, hobby, flexi shaft, drill press, rotary hand held drill...you name it...the ideal shank size for your diamond core drill would be 2.35mm (3/32" for our U.S friends) but to drill a hole that's 4mm, the shank size is also 4mm meaning I'd have to dig out the Bosch power drill used for putting up my shelves and use it on my delicate glass projects. Not so ideal. For years this has been a big problem for me, and I know for alot of you as well.

Well, we finally got fed up with using such a beast of a drill to create delicate holes that we decided to invent some core drills with a 2.35mm shank in our most popular sizes. And here they are...

Bottle Neck Diamond Core Drills with a 2.35mm shank

Diameter sizes:

  • 4mm
  • 6mm
  • 8mm

So, say goodbye to having to use your heavy household drill and say hello to our new and revolutionary 'Bottle Neck Diamond Core Drills. Join me to find out what we can make with them...

7 Uses for Bottle Neck Diamond Core Drills

  • glass, mirror, enamel, fused glass, stained glass,
  • stone, rock, gemstones, pebbles
  • ceramic, porcelain, glazed pottery
  • Bone, shell, fossil

Drilling Holes in Glass....

There are so many glass projects that would benefit from these new core drills that it's impossible to list them all here. Suffice to say though that if you have a hole to drill in glass these core drills are going to do the trick. Perhaps you're a fused glass artist looking to create pendants, or maybe a sea glass enthusiast wishing to make a sun catcher or mobile.

How about recycling your wine bottles and creating some lamps or lanterns. Or perhaps you're a glass artist needing to create a hole or achieve a core in your glass.

  1. Sea Glass, Dichroic Glass and Fused Glass jewellery
  2. Sun Catchers, mobiles and wind chimes
  3. Wire and glass sculptures
  4. Recycled glass bottle lamps
  5. Buttons
  6. Glass Art
  7. Drill holes through mirrors to hang

If you're new to drilling through glass and would like to follow some easy tutorials why not take a look at a couple of infographics we had made: How To Drill Through Glass and How To Drill a Hole In Glass Bottles

Bottle Neck Diamond Core Drills. Drilling a Hole Through a Recycled Glass Bottle

Drilling Holes in Ceramic...

Many a vintage cup and saucer has been turned into something useful and now you can do the same simply with your rotary drill and a bottle neck core drill. Scour the thrift shops for those beautiful pieces of old china and have a go at making a cake stand, bird feeder, clock or some jewellery. Broken china can be drilled into circles to add to your mosaics or perhaps you're a ceramicist in need of expanding a hole after glazing. And don't forget the DIY jobs around the home when you may need to drill a hole in tile for your bathroom fittings or to make a hole in some glazed pottery for plants.

  1. Beach pottery jewellery
  2. Drill a hole through tile for DIY purposes
  3. Create circles for mosaics
  4. Plant pots and hangers
  5. Cake stands
  6. Bird feeders
  7. Broken china jewellery

Bottle Neck Diamond Core Drills. Drilling a hole in Beach Pottery

Drilling holes in Stone....

Gemstones, pebbles, rocks and stone can all be turned into beautiful and creative objects using a Bottle neck diamond core drill. Why not have a go at making your own jewellery, buttons, clocks, candle holders, keyrings and lamp stands.

  1. clocks
  2. candle holders
  3. gemstone jewellery
  4. pebble lamp stand
  5. beach pebble jewellery
  6. keyring
  7. stone art

So, why not try a bottle neck core drill and send us pictures of the creative things you make with them.