Glass Engravers the world over share a passion for their craft and also the vision, creativity, patience and talent that comes with it.

Here, we showcase for you some of the influential and emerging talents we have found on the web, along with their magnificent work.

With each artist comes a brief explanation along with sample pieces of their work. We hope you enjoy viewing the artistic craftsmanship that has gone into their work as much as we have.

Artists are in alphabetical order...

1. Aileen Asher

Highland Cow Jug by Aileen Asher

Aileen Asher Highland Cow Jug

Aileen is a Glass Engraver who individually Hand Engraves her unique pieces. She began learning sandblasting techniques from Stuarts Strathearn & Hand Engraving from Andrew Lawson Johnston & Commissions for her drill engraving are available by contacting Aileen in person or online. See more of Aileen's fabulous work & browse her gallery of pictures on the Guild of Glass Engravers website.

2. Alasdair Gordon

Flying Ducks by Alasdair Gordon

Alasdair Gordon

Alasdair concentrates on wheel-engraved cameo subjects, hoping to sustain interest in the traditional form of engraving. Commissioned to engrave pieces for the Norwegian Royal family, corporate and public works, the studio now concentrates on one-off artworks. Learn more about Alasdair and take a look at his amazing pieces by visiting the Gordon Studio Glass Engravers

3. Amanda Lawrence

Red Riding Hood's Revenge by Amanda Lawrence

Amanda L_Red Riding Hood's Revenge

Amanda Lawrence draws her inspiration from the power and beauty of animals, and the myths and legends associated with them. She engraves her own fused glass pieces using diamond and stone burrs. Learn more about Amanda's design inspirations, stories and creations by visiting Amanda Lawrence Glass.

4. Alison Kinnaird 

Flightpath. Optical glass panel, wheel and sandblast engraved with LED lighting and dichroic colour by Alison Kinnaird

Alison Kinnaird

Alison Kinnaird is one of the world's leading engravers. She has works in public, royal and private collections all over Europe, America and the Far East. Alison uses the traditional method of copper wheel engraving with sandblasting to create her works which are often of the human form. View more of Alison's stunning work by visiting her website.

5. Annabel Ridley

Chateau Goblet by Annabel Ridley

Annabel Ridley  chateaugoblet-l

Annabel Ridley is a skilled engraver and painter and one of the most experienced in her field of expertise. Learn more about Annabel and take a look at her vast array of works on her website.

6. Caroline Rees

Work of Art by Caroline Rees

Caroline Rees

Caroline specialises in bespoke sandblasted glass compositions. Her modern, contemporary designs include commissions that create a unique installation or feature in a room. See more of Caroline's inspiring work on her website: Caroline Rees, Architectural Glass and Papercuts.

7. Christopher Ainslie

Mermaids by Christopher Ainslie

chris ainslie mermaids

Fellow of the Guild of Glass Engravers and a member since 1978, Christopher Ainslie is one of the most experienced glass engravers (over 36 years) in the UK. His pieces involve intaglio work and more recently engraving coloured overlay glass. Visit Chris' website to see more of his fascinating works.

8. Eamonn Hartley

HRH Queen Elizabeth II by Eamonn Hartley

eamonn hartley HRH Queen Elizabeth II

Eamonn Hartley has been engraving for 28 years. Specialising in Copper wheel and drill engraving, he is one of the most experienced glass engravers in the industry. In addition, he became an Associate Fellow of the Guild of Glass Engravers in London in 2004.

9. Freddie Quartley

Cherubs by Freddie Quartley

Freddie Cherubs

A trained calligrapher and typographer, Freddie Quartley started a career in publishing before focusing on glass engraving and teaching it to others. She specialises in combining letter shapes with an infinite variety of glass shapes. To find out where you too can learn from Freddie and to see more of her work visit her website.

10. Jaroslava Votrubová

Money-Power and Illness byJaroslava Votrubova

A glass engraver since 1984, Jaroslava Votrubová began designing for Kavalier Glass Works creating hanging glass sculptures. Her versatile pieces are created by engraving on layered coloured glass. Take a look at her fantastic work by visiting her website.

11. John Magee

Angels Ice Bucket by John Magee

John Magee  Angels-Ice-Bucket

John specialises in Stipple and Drill Engraving and often combines the two methods, producing intricate and detailed works of art.

12. Judith Schaechter

Feral Child by Judith Schaechter

Feral Child by Judith Schaechter

Judith Schaechter incorporates glass engraving into her wonderful, contemporary stained glass works. See more of Judith's incredible glass art on her website.

13. Junko Eager

Diving Girl by Junko Eager

Diving Girl by Junko Eager

Junko Eager engraves using the stipple, drill and copper wheel techniques to create her water-inspired designs. Browse Junko's website to discover more of her fantastic work.

14. Katharine Coleman

Yellow Waterlily by Katharine Coleman

Work by  Katharine Coleman called Yellow Waterlily

Award-winning glass artist, Katharine Coleman creates her exquisite work using the copper wheel technique. Katharine has been featured in numerous publications and regularly teaches short courses in drill engraving across the UK and Europe. Visit her website to see the list of courses, exhibitions and to learn more about her work and technique.

15. Lesley Pyke

Super Yacht by Lesley Pyke

Lesley Pykes' work engraved glass called Superyacht

Lesley is one of the leading glass engravers in the UK with over 30 years of experience. Her works have included commissioned pieces for Royalty, corporations and heads of state. With her vast knowledge and craftsmanship, Lesley is a great inspiration and teacher to all levels of glass engravers. Visit Lesley's website to take a look at more of her beautiful work and to discover her new range of glass-engraved jewellery pieces.

16. Lisabeth Sterling

Don't be Rash by Lisabeth Sterling

Lisabeth Sterling Don't be Rash

Lisabeth's latest works are sandblasted and engraved, white cameo glass on inked, etched copper. Visit Lisbeth's website to learn more about her exhibitions, awards, and publications and be inspired by her extremely beautiful and delicate works.

17. Margot Thigpen

Portrait of a Woman. Camera Lens - 7cm. By Margot Thigpen

Portrait of a Woman. Camera Lens - 7cm. By Margot Thigpen

Having spent many years training in the arts, Margot turned to glass engraving after an apprenticeship with Master engraver, Anne Dybka. She now educates and exhibits in Virginia, USA. Visit Margot May Designs to view her beautiful work

18. Mark Raynes Roberts

Glass Engraving by Mark Raynes Roberts

Mark Raynes Roberts

Mark’s work focuses on human transcendence and the complex issues that challenge humanity. Visit his website and take a look at his unique pieces. You will surely be inspired.

19. Matteo Seguso Incisore d'Arte su Vetro

Glass Engaving by Matteo Seguso Incisore d'Arte su Vetro

Matteo Seguso Incisore d'Arte su Vetro 's work

Matteo is an artist, always in search of new stimuli and ideas to develop his unique and rare wheel engravings. Based in Murano, Italy, Matteo dedicated himself to learning the art of engraving using traditional techniques. More of his artwork can be seen on his website.

20. Nancy Arthur-McGehee

In The California Current by Nancy Arthur-McGehee

Nancy Arthur-McGehee  In The California Current

Because of Nancy's impressive work during the 2008 exhibition by FUNERIA, she was given the Excellence in Glass honours. Visit Nancy's website and take a look at her extremely unique design style.

21. Nancy Sutcliffe

Marked Man 3 by Nancy Sutcliffe

Nancy Sutcliffe

Nancy's subject matter of her recent work relates to a personal response to common human experience. A fellow of the guild of glass engravers, Nancy continues to pursue her personal and contemporary approach to the traditional craft of engraving. Visit Nancy's site to look at more of her remarkable work.

22. Pavlina Cambalova

Snuff Tobacco Bottles by Pavlina Cambalova

Pavlina Cambalova Snuff Tobacco Bottles

Pavlina Cambalova's work is creatively mastered through the art of wheel engraving, and diamond and stone techniques. She incorporates the use of emery paper, sandstone, hammer and sandblasting too. In addition, she also works with overlaid (flat or hollow) or clear glass as well as optical lenses. Take a tour around Pavlina's site to find out more about the artist and her wonderful, inspiring creations.

23. Peter Russell

Glass Engraving by Peter Russel

Peter Russel

Peter Russell provides a friendly personal service, specialising in engraving items with text and stock images as well as offering a bespoke design service. Take a look at more about Peter Russel's works by visiting his site.

24. Philip Lawson Johnston

Oslo Bowl by Philip Lawson Johnston

Philip Lawson Johnston Oslo Bowl

With over 40 years of experience, Philip Lawson Johnston particularly enjoys wildlife scenes and floral designs inspired by his love of the natural world. He has a royal Warrant from HM The Queen and is an Associate Fellow of the Guild of Glass Engravers. He is also one of the most experienced glass engravers in the industry and has completed numerous commissions over the years. To find out more about Philip and his intricate works of art visit his site.

25. Reiko F. Nojima

Nobody's Garden by Reiko F. Nojima

Reiko Nobody's Garden

Jeweller, sculptor, and computer graphics designer who focuses on depicting the elements of the human psyche, Reiko F. Nojima's work connects the human body with the nature of glass, metal and digital data. Get to know more about Reiko's new media style of art and glass engraving visit her website.

26. Rish Gordon

Buffalo Watch by Rish Gordon

Engraver work called Buffalo watch by Rish Gordon

Specialising in the sandblasting etching technique, Rish Gordon's themes often include animals or birds, inspired by her love of nature, extensive travelling and her childhood in Africa. Learn more about Rish and see her fascinating works by visiting her website.

27. Robert Page

Glass Engraving by Robert Page

Work by Robert Page

A craft member of the Guild of Glass Engravers, Robert's work specialises in the "unusual". His works are intricately done with much passion. He uses drill engraving and sandblasting. View more of Robert's wonderful work here.

28. Sandra Snaddon

Wimbledon Bowl by Sandra Snaddon

Wimbledon Bowl Sandra Snaddon

A fellow of the Guild of Glass Engravers, Sandra Snaddon has been engraving for over 25 years. For her intaglio work, she uses a micro motor electric drill with diamond and stone burrs. Visit Sandra's website to see more of her stunning collection.

29. Siobhan Smith

Highland by Siobhan Smith

Siobhan Smith Highland

Siobhan Smith creates bespoke, beautifully hand engraved glass art. One of the youngest and most emerging glass engravers in the industry. Siobhan uses the memories of her childhood in Tunisia and Egypt as well as her passion for wildlife as inspiration for her designs. Visit Siobhan's site Inspired By Glass to view more of her work.

30. Sue Burne

Owl by Sue Burne

Sue Burne 's work called Owl

Awarded a prestigious Associate Fellowship in 2009 by The Guild of Glass Engravers, Sue Burne specialises in drill engravings using diamond and stone burs. Her inspiration stems from her love of the countryside and the sea. And her commissions have included large-scale church installations. Visit Sue's website and browse her fabulous work

31. Terri Colledge

Cameo work by Terri Colledge

Terri Colledge work

An associate fellow of the Guild Of Glass Engravers, Terri uses Sandblasting and drill engraving techniques to create her stunning designs on glass for speciality pieces and jewellery. Visit Terri at the Ruskin Glass Centre in Stourbridge, UK, or view more of her inspiring work on her website. 

32. Zoltan Viczan

Every Artist by Zoltan Viczan

Zoltan Viczan every_artist

Zoltan Viczan uses diamond and stone wheels in his fascinating engraving works. His website is educational and inspiring, go on over and take a look at his exquisite pieces.

We would like to say a huge thank you to these top glass engravers who allowed us to showcase their work. If you would like to feature here among the ever growing list of talented engravers please email us, we would love to include you.

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