3 Glass Projects to Inspire You Made With Eternal Tools

Sea Glass Image courtesy of Scottishshores

To welcome in July we're showcasing for you some of this summer's popular glass projects. We're giving you a taste of some of the things you can make and create using Eternal Tools cold working glass tools.

We have a little bit of sea glass, glass engraving and fused glass to tempt and inspire you. Read on to find out more about the artists and their work.

1. Jane Brannan of Scottishshores

Scottishshores sea glass, shell and beach pottery bracelets made using Eternal Tools

Jane Brannan lives near Dunoon, on the West Coast of Scotland. After so many years spent walking on the local beaches with her dog, beach combing for wee treasures she decided to open up an Etsy shop called Scottishshores in spring 2014.

Her addiction for sea glass collecting has now been passed on to her best friend and her daughter Laura and she tells us she can think of no better way to while away her spare time!

Still relatively new to sea glass drilling and jewellery making, Jane took some advice from the members of the Facebook site: Sea Glass Artists & Sea Glass Collectors.
Here she discovered which were the best rotary tool and drill bits to use.

Jane goes on to say...
"I was recommended a Dremel drill, and I made contact with another member called Assja from Arran Gems, who recommended Eternal Tools to me for their brilliant Diamond Drill bits and Diamond Core drills. Eternal Tools, has also been a very patient source of help, information and advice, and have pointed me in the right direction"

Jane currently uses both the small diamond core drills and the solid ended, small diamond drill bits in a 2mm size which she find works best with the leather thonging and beads that she uses. With these 2mm sizes she uses the Dremel 4486 multi chuck.

"It is really therapeutic watching your pieces slowly come together, and I never know what it will look like until its finished!As my best friend and I happily acknowledge.... Beach combing soothes the Soul...."

To take a look at more of Jane's beautiful handmade Scottish sea glass, beach pottery, driftwood and shell wares visit her Etsy shop at Scottishshores or 'Like' her Facebook page by clicking here.

2. Claire Lake, Fused Glass Art

Fused Glass clocks by Claire lake using Eternal Tools, tools

Claire is a potter by training and teaches in a special needs school. 2 years ago she went with a friend on a fused glass course and was hooked. From cutting and layering the glass, adding inclusions, creating bubbles, to the amazing colours and the immediacy of it compared with her ceramic work, she now finds her glass work has taken over her life.

Finding the bottle neck diamond core bits enabled another raft of ideas to be made possible and having had such positive feedback from her work, she is now In the throws of building a studio and investing in a large glass kiln.

Claire hopes to venture into splash backs, garden water features, sinks and more. Along with other bits and pieces the clocks shown above can be seen at a few specialist markets she will be doing over the summer including the new Beverley 'Off the Wall' market event on 12th July with 80 plus artists and makers. She doesn't currently have a business website but can be found on Facebook for now.

"The bottle necks are ideal for the cores I need to make in my fused glass to house clock spindles and the like. I wasn't sure which size would be best and am finding the 9mm most suited to my needs. I am very pleased to have found them and other such items as I start my business and expand my product range. From jewellery to coasters to wall art to clocks to....... Well where does it end? I love it!!!

3. A Touch Of Glass by Stewart Neal

A Touch of Glass by Stewart Neal. Glass Engraved Bottle Chimes and candle holders.

A wood carver and pyrograper, Stewart has only recently found his passion for glass engraving.

With an old Dremel rotary tool he had, he began to experiment on some old glass jars and caught the bug straight away. He say's he finds it very relaxing if not a little noisy! (Tip: a micro motor is smooth running and peacefully quiet - a little easier on the ears)

Stewart uses recycled wine bottles which he cuts and engraves to turn them into burners and wind chimes.

His work can be found on his Facebook page: A Touch Of Glass

There are many inspiring ways to manipulate glass. With cold working tools such as diamond cutters, slitting discs, hand pads, files, core drills, polishers and abrasives you too can get creative whether you're a beginner or an experienced glass artist.

If you need any help knowing which bits to use or how to use them please just ask, we're here to help.