34 Clock and Watch Schools In The World

Horology is the study and science of time and timekeeping, and horologists study this timekeeping in clocks, watches and chronometers. Restoration, preservation, repair and the 'making of' are all skills that a talented horologist needs to learn. If you desire to become a master watchmaker or an antique clock restorer then you will need somewhere to train.

Eternal Tools has drawn up an alphabetical list of some of the finest clock and watch schools around the world to help you decide where you would like to study these wonderful skills.


1. Australian Antiquarian Horological Society Inc.

Clock restoration and conservation classes plus workshops in repairs.

Website: http://www.clockandwatchclub.com/workshops.php


2. Technicum Noord-Antwerpen, Antwerp

Technicum Noord-Antwerpen features a course in Learning & Working for clock and watchmaking.

Website: www.tna.be

3. I.A.T.A Institute of Arts Education Techniques Sciences and Crafts,  Namur


4. Ecole National D'Horlogerie, Trois-Rivieres, Quebec

Located in Quebec, Canada, the National School of Watchmaking trains individuals for a duration of 1800 hours over 1 ½ years to obtain a vocational diploma.

Website: www.ecolehorlogerie.com

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5. Den Danske Urmagerskole, Ringsted

Den Danske Urmagerskole Student Service Center offers clock and watchmaking courses.

Website: www.zbc.dk


6. The Finnish School of Watchmaking, Kelloseppakoulu

This Watchmaking School is a private vocational school which has three-year degree programs for watchmakers using modern technology.

Website: www.kelloseppakoulu.fi


7. Flüthe Uhrenseminare, Telgte

The Flüthe school offers two-day practical and theory seminars in watchmaking for those requiring some initial insight.

Website: www.uhrenseminare-fluethe.de

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8. Glashütte original watchmaker school "Alfred Helwig"

Students complete a three-year course to become professional watchmakers

Website: https://www.glashuette-original.com/brand/watchmaking-school

Glasshütte Original Watchmaking School

9. Hessische Uhrmacherschule, Hessenpark

One of the finest horology schools in Germany, Hessische Uhrmacherschule offers a wide range of workshops and programs.

Website: www.hessische-uhrmacherschule.de

10. Mecanicus, Ohmden

Mecanicus offers a special watch workshop for mechanical watches and especially for old or antique clocks plus seminars for collectors and enthusiasts.

Website: www.mecanicus.de


11. Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry, Tokyo

Offering two year courses covering watch movement, theory, metalwork, quartz watch and antique watch repair. Following this is a three year course studying the skills for chronograph watches to become a master Watchmaker.

Website: http://hikohiko.jp/en/course


12. Vakschool, Schoonhoven

The Vakschool, Schoonhoven offers a wide range of vocational courses in horology.

Website: www.vakschoolschoonhoven.nl


13. La Merce

The only official public school in Spain in which you can study for 2 years clockwork mechanics. Assembly, disassembly and manufacture of parts for wristwatches and large clocks.

Website: http://lamerce.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/relojeriamerce/


14. IHU Urmakarskolan

IHU Urmakarskolan is one of 13 schools in the world that has a partnership with the Swiss watch industry through the organization WOSTEP.

Website: http://www.urmakarskolan.com/

IHU Urmakarskolan


15. K&H Watchmaking Competence Center (KHWCC)

This independent, Swiss watchmaking school teaches classical watchmaking to a very high standard to all international students.
Full skill training 4000h, short courses and tailor-made classes for companies and watchmakers.  

Website: http://www.khwcc.ch

16. CFPT - École D'Horlogerie

Provides 3 or 4 year training for students in watchmaking

Website: http://www.ge.ch/po/cfpt/horlogerie.asp

17. École Technique de la Vallée de Joux, Le Sentier

The Technical School of the Vallee de Joux is a school known for its competence in the field of microtechnology watchmaking, jewellery and micromechanics.

Website: www.vd.ch

18. Watchmakers of Switzerland Technical & Educational Program (WOSTEP), Neuchatel

Financed by its members of leading Swiss watch brands, WOSTEP is an independent institution offering many courses in watchmaking, chronographs and chronometry.

Website: www.wostep.ch

United Kingdom

19. British Horological Institute Seminars & Distance Learning Course

The Diploma in the Servicing and Repair of Clocks/Watches – Level 4, Diploma in the Repair, Restoration and Conservation of Clocks/Watches are courses given by the British Horological Institute with the prime purpose to provide a national qualification, with accredited national standards. These are one-of-a-kind programs in the UK which prepare students for all levels of employment in the aspect of clock and watch servicing.

Website: www.bhi.co.uk/education-and-training-bhi

British Horological Institute Seminars & Distance Learning Course

20. West Dean College, Chichester, West Sussex, Antique Clock Conservation & Restoration

A renowned school for antique clock conservation and restoration, West Dean College gives students the chance to work in workshops at dedicated workbenches. West Dean's Clocks programmes will prepare the student for exciting opportunities in a variety of prestigious national and international institutes including museums, Royal Collections and/or private client work.

Website: http://www.westdean.org.uk/CollegeChannel/FullTimeCourses/ClockMaking.aspx

21. Birmingham City University

Degree course designed to educate students in horology.

Website: http://www.bcu.ac.uk/courses/horology-ba

22. Quality Time Clock Courses, West Sussex

Week long courses for beginners or experienced clock makers are held in a stately home. 10 students per class limit with approximately 4 courses per year.

Website: www.clockcourses.co.uk

23. The British School Of Watchmaking

The WOSTEP programme. Students will master Swiss mechanical and electronic watches.

Website: http://www.britishschoolofwatchmaking.co.uk/course/

IThe British School Of Watchmaking

24. Epping Forest Horology Centre

Epping Forest Horology Centre runs evening classes in clock and watch restoration and development. 

Website: http://efhc.org.uk/wordpress/

United States

25. NAWCC, Columbia, PA

The NAWCC offers a variety of educational workshops for anyone from the curious beginner to the advanced horologist.

Website: www.nawcc.org/

Contact: Steve Humphrey, Executive Director: shumphrey@nawcc.org

26. AWCI Bench Courses

As part of AWCI’s continuing education program various Bench Courses can be scheduled in your local area. Some courses which could be offered include Balance Staff & Timing, Timing & Adjustments, Quality Control, Quartz Watch Repair & Diagnostics, Mechanical Chronographs, Modern Wristwatch Oiling Procedures and Servicing ETA Quartz Chronographs.

Website: www.awci.com

27. Gem City College School of Horology, Quincy, IL

Gem City College School of Horology offers a wide range of courses from their school of horology.

Website: www.gemcitycollege.com

28. Lititz Watch Technicum, Lititz, PA

Lititz Watch Technicum has a curriculum combining centuries-old watchmaking techniques
with the latest diagnostic applications utilising state-of-the-art electronic equipment.

Website: www.lititzwatchtechnicum.org

29. Norwest School of Horology. Seattle, WA

A school teaching both watch and clock repair for students at all levels. Norwest School of Horology is the only independent school for the study of watch and clock repair in Seattle. They offer a range of courses in watch repair, clock repair and micro-machining. Courses are open to anyone with an interest in learning!

Website: http://norwestschoolofhorology.com/

30. Oklahoma State University. Watchmaking & Microtechnology, OK

Since 1946, some of the best luxury watchmakers in the world have received their education through OSU Institute of Technology's School of Watchmaking.

Website: http://go.osuit.edu/academics/watchmaking/

Contact: Jason Champion, Program Chair: jason.champion@okstate.edu

31. York Time Institute, York, PA

York Time Institutes offers a 54 week Diploma Program in Horological Conservation, Restoration and Repair, as well as customised weekend and evening courses for horological professionals, collectors and hobbyists.

Website: www.yorktimeinstitute.com

32. The North American Institute of Swiss Watchmaking NAIOSW

NAIOSW, along with schools in Hong Kong and Shanghai are WOSTEP partnership schools. They offer a 6-1 teacher, student ratio.

Website: http://www.iosw.com/en/school-dallas-3

Contact: Stanley McMahan, Reference Instructor: stanley.mcmahan@iosw.com

33. The Watch Technology Institute at North Seattle Community College

In partnership with SAWTA (Swiss American Watchmakers Training Alliance) and supported by Rolex learn the art and science of watchmaking in an intensive 2 year course.

Website: https://northseattle.edu/programs/watch-technolog...

34. Veterans Watchmaker Initiative

The Veterans Watchmaker Initiative is a full-time watchmaking school for disabled American veterans to be retrained in the art of horology. They are currently expanding to a new facility that will house 54 students full-time. They are a certified nonprofit company.

Website: http://veteranswatchmakerinitiative.org/

Veterans Watchmaker Initiative

35. Paris Junior College, Watchmaking Dept.

For students wishing to pursue a Certificate in watchmaking, The Paris Junior College in Paris, Texas offer a 45-credit hour Certificate of Horology Technology in as little as sixteen months and a 36-credit hour Certificate of Fine Watchmaking which can be accomplished in as little as twelve months.

Website: http://www.parisjc.edu/index.php/pjc2/main/horology/

Contact: Stanley McMahan, Reference Instructor: stanley.mcmahan@iosw.com


We would like to thank the institutes and course teachers for allowing us to showcase their clock and watch education programs.

The list is still expanding so if you know of any courses or educational institutes that you think should be listed here, we'd love to hear from you, please get in touch.

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