By making beautiful jewellery and crafts out of a simple natural phenomenon such as sea and beach glass we can pay our respects to nature in a fun and creative way. Sea glass jewellers are prominent in contributing to the recycling of these finds and the Eternal tools team has decided to showcase a small example of some of these designers works.

Each artist is listed alphabetically and comes with a brief explanation as well as sample pieces of their work. We hope you enjoy this colourful article! Furthermore if you'd like to appear in this list or similar please contact us.

1. Ailsa Poll of Topaz Magpie

Heart and Sea Glass pendant by Topaz Magpie

 topaz magpie heart and sea glass pendant

Ailsa Poll of Topaz Magpie is both a yoga teacher and a jewellery designer. Two things, I love! Her ideas and inspiration come from the natural world around us, including the views from the coastal path, the local beaches, woodlands, wildlife and folk tales. Visit Ailsa's website to find out more about her and her magnificent craft.

2. Allie Scott at Windsweptgallery

Glass Jewellery by Allie Scott

Glass Jewellery by Allie Scott for Eternal Tools

A prominent jeweller since 1999, Allie Scott's work can be seen in her 'Windsweptgallery', the gallery specialises in recycled and re-claimed items ranging from Driftwood Furniture, Papier Mache, Copper and Silver jewellery. Today, she is working on re-inventing old tire furniture as well. Find out more about Allie's great works by taking a tour around herwebsite gallery.

3. Aileen Cabral of The Art of Sea Glass

Aileen Cabral Sea Glass Jewellery piece

Aileen Cabral The Art Of Sea Glass

Aileen Cabral is very interested in different artistic mediums. She started painting at a very early age and since then she has embraced art as a lifestyle. Owner of The Art of Sea Glass, Aileen's sea glass works have been featured in the Travel Channel television showed called "Treasure Hunter, Kirsten Gum" amongst others. To see more of Aileen's beautiful creations, visit her website.

4. Carmen Reschigian of Il Sogno Di Penelope

Latest Sea Glass jewellery by Carmen Reschigian

Carmen Reschigian sea glass jewellery

The works of Carmen Reschigian of Il Sogno Di Penelope are made from hand-woven brass wire or silver and carefully chosen sea glass collected from the beaches of Liguria, Italy. The sea glass gems are smoothed by the forces of nature and the stones she uses differ in colour from one to the next. Take a look at Carmen's beautiful gallery by visiting her website here.

5. Christine Epstein of Oceano Sea Glass

Christine Epstein of Oceano Sea glass

Bracelet by Christine Epstein of Oceano Sea  glass

Christine Epstein of Oceano Sea Glass makes earrings, pendants, bracelets, rings and other accessories. Her jewellery is made from sterling silver and eco-friendly, unaltered sea glass. With an emphasis on meticulous craftsmanship and graceful design, each piece is imbued with a bit of history, a splash of color and the spirit of the sea! Intrigued by her work? Take a tour around Christine's amazing gallery here.

6. Diane Stewardson

Beautiful sea glass jewellery by Diane Stewardson

Diane Stewardson sea glass jewellery

Each piece of sea glass jewellery that Diane Stewardson creates is unique, making every piece special. When she finds a piece of sea glass she just simply washes the sand from the glass and incorporates it into her design. She does not tumble, polish or cut the seaglass into a shape. To admire more of Dianne's other unique creations, visit her website.

7. DMG Creations

Deep Tree of Life by DMG Creations

24 Creative Sea Glass jewellers from around the World. DMG Creations Deep tree of life

Dottie Gilbo of DMG Creations makes beach and sea glass jewelry with Precious Metal Clay (PMC) and glass from around the world. The glass comes from Hawaii, Puerto Rico, England, California and from Lake Erie where she lives.

8. Gaynor Hebden-Smith of Scottish Sea Glass Jewellery

Scottish Sea Glass Collection by Gaynor Hebden-Smith

Scottish Sea Glass Collection  by Gaynor Hebden-Smith

Gaynor Hebden-Smith of Scottish Sea Glass jewellery is known for her use of genuine, naturally tumbled glass found on the beaches of Scotland. Her pieces are beautifully unique and are made with cool coloured tones. See more of the 'Mermaids Tears' jewellery pieces on Gaynor's website and browse around her amazing collection of jewellery.

9. Harriet McAlonan of Sea Sparkle

Seaglass jewellery piece by Harriet McAlonan

Harriet McAlonan of Sea Sparkle

Harriet McAlonan's wonderful pieces of jewellery are formed from seaglass, smoothed and tumbled by mother nature and collected from the beaches of the West Country, UK. The Sea Sparkle collection can be viewed online here. Harriet will make bespoke and personalised pieces for the individual.

10. Jo Edwards, Purple Pebble Jewellery

Rainbow bracelet on silver wire by Jo Edwards

B10 rainbow bracelet on silver wire_Jo Edwards

Jo Edwards of Purple Pebble Jewellery has been collecting sea glass for over 15 years and now creates stunning jewellery from it because she believes that these colourful gems are "too beautiful to be kept hidden". Visit Jo's pageand discover the beauties she creates from scouring the beaches of Durham, UK. Truly spectacular!

11. Jean Forman of Lucky Sea Glass

Sea glass jewellery piece by Jean Forman of Lucky Sea Glass

Jean forman, Lucky Sea Glass

Owner of the Lucky Sea Glass, Jean has been beach combing all over the world to find her sea jewels and you can buy a piece of sea glass jewellery from her, knowing where in the world it was found. A nice touch. More about Jeans travels and sea glass finds can also be found in her blog.

12. Jill Thompson of jillyflowerjewellery

Sea Glass pendant by jillyflowerjewellery

Jill Thomson Sea Glass Jewellery

We had the pleasure of an interview with Jill Thomson of jillyflowerjewellery back in November 2013. Jill has a wonderful collection entitled 'Rockpool' which showcases her silver and sea glass work. More of her work can be found here.

13. Kate Chell

Kate Chell. Peace and Love jewellery

Peace and Love Kate chell

Kate Chell's jewellery is one of a kind. She loves melting and hammering her silver to make simple organic designs that exude a unique and more natural feel. Kate then incorporates the sea glass she has collected from the beaches of North Norfolk into her designs along with semi-precious and precious stones. See more of Kate's work on her website.

14. Kriket Broadhurst

Jewellery craft by Kriket Broadhurst

Kriket Broadhurst

Kriket Broadhurst is a ceramicist, silversmith, designer and general creator of wonderfully fresh and exciting jewellery pieces. As well as hersea glass, her work also features hand crafted ceramic beads. Have a browse around her shop and explore the gallery.

15. Katie Carrin

Katie Carrin of Unique Artisan Crafted Rare Sea Glass Jewellery

Katie Carrin sea glass jewellery

As well as being an accomplished jeweller, Katie Carrin is also a massage therapist, teacher and author, as well as a street artist in San Francisco. Katie sells her original line of jewellery that incorporates sea glass, pearls and gemstones into beautiful necklaces and earrings on the Embarcadero near the Ferry Building in SF. Take a look at Katie's gorgeous collection here.

16. Lesley Licudi of Swanage Sea Treasures

Lesley Licudi of Swanage Sea Treasures

Lesley Licudi of Swanage Sea Treasures

Lesley Licudi of Swanage Sea Treasures loves the sea's ever changing moods, power and beauty all of which are a constant source of wonder and inspiration to her. She says "if you possess the same fascination with the sea, you will also be drawn to her range of jewellery and art work". See more of Lesley's work on her website.

17. Lilac Millie

Sea glass jewellery by Lilac Millie

Lilac Millie sea glass jewellery

Lilac Millie is a designer that finds inspiration from every piece of Scottish sea glass she collects. Each piece is then turned into her very unique jewellery pieces. (You can see her gallery on this website). A card detailing the origin of the sea glass is placed in with your jewellery piece and popped into a beautiful bag.

18. Lin Schneider of Odyssey Sea Glass

Dark Amber Sea Glass Necklace with Pendant and Earrings by Odyssey Sea Glass

Dark Amber Sea Glass Necklace with Pendant and Earrings by Odyssey Sea Glass

The jewellery of Lin Schneider of Odyssey Sea Glass has been displayed in galleries on the East and West Coasts of the United States. She has made custom sea glass jewelry for customers as far away as Peru and Japan. She also works with bezeled and PMC silver settings. Take a look at Lin's website here.

19. Nick Donofrio of Sea Glass Dreams

Sea glass jewellery by Nick Donofrio of Sea Glass Dreams

Nick Donofrio of Sea Glass Dreams.

Nick Donofrio is the owner of Sea Glass Dreams, a company which specialises in genuine sea glass and beach glass jewellery. Nick has been collecting sea glass for over 40 years from all over the world but particularly Bermuda and the New Jersey shorelines. Take a tour on Nick's website and be dazzled by his creations.

20. Sarah Good of Sea Witch Sea Glass Studio

Jewellery by Sarah Good of Sea Witch Sea Glass Studio

Jewellery by Sarah Good of Sea Witch Sea Glass Studio

Sarah Good of Sea Witch Sea Glass Studio is a jewellery designer and crafter who is inspired by her love of the colours and textures of our Great British coastline. She regularly travels and is pleased to share her inspirations as well as creations to like minded people. Visit her website to view her awesome gallery.

21. Susan Wilson, Liliana Designs

Liliana Designs

Sea Glass Jewellery by Susan Wilson, Liliana Designs

Susan Wilson of Liliana Designs creates jewellery from genuine sea glass. Each piece of sea glass is carefully selected for sterling silver designs that complement the beach glass or sea stones. Custom pieces are available upon request. Liliana Designs Sea Glass Jewelry collections feature bezel set, wire wrapped and drilled sea glass settings. Catch the rest of Susan's beautiful collection on her website.

22. Sue Harris of Blue Box Studio

Sea Glass pendant by Sue Harris of Blue Box Studio

Sue Harris sea glass necklace of Blue Box Studio

Sue Harris of Blue Box Studio creates a range of sea glass jewellery, handmade lampwork beads and silver jewellery plus accessories such as silk and velvet scarves from her Somerset studio. Her sea glass is drilled and mounted on sterling silver formed into loops and swirls. Susan's impressive work can be viewed on her website.

23. Steve Pawloski

Sea glass jewellery by Steve Pawloski

Steve Pawloski's passion as a collector and creator of sea glass jewellery began in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. When Steve's not scouring the beaches for sea glass or beach stones he can be found teaching metalsmith classes. You can view more of Steve's contemporary designs on his website.

24. Vicky Portman

Sea glass jewellery by Vicki Portman

Vicki Portman

Vicki Portman Jewellery is a delicate and creative collection of jewellery works using sea glass collected by herself from beaches around the UK, and is combined with sterling silver and semi-precious stones. Her one off designs are created from her studio in Wiltshire UK.

A big thank you to these top sea glass jewellers who have shared their work with the Eternal Tools team as well as to the general public. We hope you have as much pleasure admiring their work as we have.

The list is still expanding so if you would like to feature here or in a future article please email us and we would be happy to include you.

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