How to Drill Shell

What You Will need:

Shell Earrings made using diamond core drills from Eternal Tools

Shell Earrings made using diamond core drills from Eternal Tools

Step 1

If collected from the beach, wash your sea shells well in soapy water to remove any grit and sand and leave to dry.

Step 2

Mark your sea shell with where you want to begin drilling your hole. Set up your water dish, either an ice cream tub, sandwich box or some form of solid tray with a piece of wood or blu-tac to hold the shell in place whilst drilling. It will need to be deep enough to immerse your shell in. Select your drill bit, say 1mm and attach to your flex shaft/drill press. If you would prefer, you can start off smaller, say 0.75mm and increase your drill bit size until you reach your desired hole size.

Step 3

Whilst holding and keeping your shell immersed in water, start your drilling. Go slow to begin with to prevent the drill bit skittering across the surface. Once your initial starter hole has been created begin to move the drill bit up and down to allow water to flush in and out of the hole to remove the drilling debris and to keep the area and the drill bit cool. Overheating can cause the diamonds to come off the drill bit and your shell to crack.

Bottle Neck Diamond Core Drills with a 2.35mm shank for your Dremel Drills.- Drill holes through shell

Drilling a hole through shell using a Dremel Drill and a Bottle Neck Core Drill


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