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Diamond Polishing Paste


0.25 micron (Finest) - 90 micron

If you want to get a mirror finish on your stone, glass or horology work then our diamond grinding paste is a must. Available in fine to coarse grades. You can take a relatively coarse and grained looking piece of work down to a superb mirror finish in no time.


  • 0.25 - 3 micron for final polishing
  • 6 - 14 micron for lapping and pre-polishing
  • 25 - 90 micron for rapid stock removal

TIP: Apply with a wooden peg, a piece of leather or wood or one of our felt polishing bobs. The finer grades of paste will absorb into wool, felt or material so be sure to apply these with wood, leather or plastic.

The diamond grinding paste is mixed with a water soluble oil and comes in an easy to apply syringe so paste is ready to use and is easy to apply. Use on glass, metals, ceramic and mineral surfaces to give a superfine, mirror finish to your surfaces or to sharpen the edges of your tools.

Many scientists use the 0.25 micron to give a microscopic ultra smooth finish. Ideal for removing scratches on: watch glass, glass or gemstones. Try starting with 6 micron (yellow), then 3 micron (green) and so on until the desired finish is achieved.

How to use our Diamond Polishing Paste

Most diamond paste grinding and polishing is done progressively, starting with the coarser grade, 6 microns, and then finishing with the 1 or quarter micron grade. If the work you are polishing is already of a reasonable finish then you can often skip the coarser grades and start with the 3 or 1 micron.

To apply the paste you can either use a felt polishing bob on a rotary tool,a piece of leather or wood or if polishing a pivot then apply the paste directly and then use a wooden peg to grind with. Alternatively apply to a soft wheel using a canvas belt, one belt for each grade. There are so many ways to apply the paste it seems that everyone has their own method, I have even heard of one horologist using some old camera film!


Diamond powder in water soluble oil

  • Plastic Syringe: 5g
  • 0.25 – 3 micron: for final polishing
  • 6 – 14 micron: for lapping and pre-polishing
  • 25 – 90 micron: for rapid stock removal


Diamond Polishing Paste

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