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Small Diamond Drill Bits


0.75mm – 3mm

  • 1-2 Drills = £5.50 each
  • 3-9 Drills = £4.50 each
  • 10 or More Drills = £3.45 each

These precision made small diamond drill bits are excellent for drilling small holes in some of the hardest materials around. Very common with jewellery makers, these diamond drill bits are used for drilling holes in shells, drilling holes in glass, drilling holes in beads, drilling holes in sea glass and drilling holes in stone, gemstone, concrete and pebbles.


You will need a Dremel 4486 Multi Chuck or a Dremel 4485 Collet Nut Kit to hold these small drill bits if you do not already have an attachment on your drill.

In order to get the best from our diamond tipped drill bits, please ensure you read through the Tutorials section on our blog before attempting to use our drills for the first time. Here you will find tips and video footage on how to drill glass, how to drill gemstones, how to drill bottles, how to drill pebbles and how to drill sea glass. There are also helpful hints on the correct speeds and pressure to be used.

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Tip: Always use with plenty of cold water, slow speed, little to no pressure

Disclaimer. Using rotary tools near water has never been, to the best of our knowledge, endorsed by any of the rotary tool manufacturers. If you do choose to drill near water or with attachments under water connected to your drill then you do so at your own risk. Please be aware that mixing electricity and water can be very dangerous.


Diamond grit is precisely electroplated onto a steel shank

Diameter: 0.75mm

  • Overall length: 28mm
  • Diamond tip length: 4mm
  • Shank: 0.5mm

Diameter: 1mm

  • Overall length: 38mm
  • Diamond tip length: 3.5mm
  • Shank: 0.7mm

Diameter: 1.25mm

  • Overall length: 38mm
  • Diamond tip length: 5mm
  • Shank: 0.85mm

Diameter: 1.5mm

  • Overall length: 38mm
  • Diamond tip length: 4mm
  • Shank: 1.10mm

Diameter: 2.0mm

  • Overall length: 38mm
  • Diamond tip length: 3.5mm
  • Shank: 1.5mm

Diameter: 2.5mm

  • Overall length: 38mm
  • Diamond tip length: 3.5mm
  • Shank: 2.0mm

Diameter: 3mm

  • Overall length: 44mm
  • Diamond tip length: 12mm
  • Shank: 3mm

Diameter: 3mm x 2.35mm

  • Overall length: 42.5mm
  • Diamond tip length: 12mm
  • Shank: 2.35mm


"Excellent service, speedy delivery and the best diamond drills for glass I have come across! - Jackie Hawkins

" I am very impressed with the diamond drill bits I am using to drill sea glass, particularly the 2mm size which sometimes last up to 100 pieces. Thank you" - Assja Baumgartner. Arran Gems

"I find the diamond tip drill bits you sell are brilliant for drilling through Sea Glass. They are the best ones I have used. I would recommend Eternal tools drill bits to anyone ... also the service I have received from you is brilliant and with super fast delivery times" - Sally Giles

"The diamond drill bits were really high quality and I'm definitely going to buy more products from your website! Also I was very pleased that I received my order so quickly. - Rita Griskonyte

"I just wanted to say thank you for your diamond drill bits- I bought some 1mm bits to drill sea glass to make into jewellery and they work brilliantly! - Toni, Shore Treasures

"My project is drilling small shells: black doves, tiny doves, white pyrene & pink umbonium. I drilled over 200 shells with one drill bit!" ~ Lilian Page

"Working on seashells with your tools brings hours of creative pleasure and relaxation to my wife!" ~ Tony & Max , Waikoloa, Hawai

“Just to let you know the drill bits I ordered worked a treat. I’ve been using them on different types of gemstones to make necklace pendants and also to increase the existing Inner diameter. I will be ordering more in the near future. Great service by the way” ~ Dave Edwards

“I am working my way through the diamond drills I bought from you and I can honestly say they have lasted much longer than any drill bit I’ve used before and they are much cheaper too!!!!!!!! So I will put in another order when I have worn them all out” ~ Kate Chell

“Service was brilliant and the order came really quick I ordered the drill bits as i collect sea glass and wanted to make jewellery out of of them Slowly turning my hobby into maybe a business. Will defo be using your sight again and found the tutorial excellent” ~ Joanne McGourty

“The diamond drill bits from Eternal Tools are worth every penny! Cuts through Guatemalan Jade like it was Brazilian Soapstone” ~ Chris Boland Designs

“I use the diamond drill bits to make sea glass jewellery. I think your shop is brilliant- it’s very clear and easy to find the things you’re looking for. I also love the very useful links. I was very impressed when I came across Eternal Tools and I’ll order from you again” ~ Sam Sturgess

“The 3mm diamond drill bits literally glide through the stones – it’s amazing!” ~ Tina, Driftwood Dreaming

“Got my set of 4 diamond drill bits from you on Saturday and have been drilling my sea glass like a woman possessed ever since. Fab product and quick delivery AND excellent advice on your website. I will be back without a doubt!!!” ~ Rebecca, Silver Scatterlings

“I use your diamond drills to make buttonholes in glass buttons, they’re a great wee tool, and I appreciate the advice and tips you post on Facebook as well as all the inspiring artists work you share” ~ Helen Campbell

“The little drills are great – I’ve used them to make holes in pebbles for pendants. The Dremel chuck is brilliant, too. ~ Pete Adeline

I have used the diamond drill bits on ceramics concrete and brass even though I bought them for drilling glass. They go through anything! Just take it easy and don’t let them overheat. Thanks, Lucy and Greg for another great product” ~ Robert Page, Guild of Glass Engravers

“I drilled holes in 17 pendants last night and found them to be very efficient with good cutting ability in fact superior to the ones I have been using so will be ordering again in the future, many thanks” ~ Ivan Smith

“Your diamond drill bits are the best! You are the best!” ~ Margaret Liu

“I am an artist who works with glass, ceramics and stone. I use small bits for tiny little holes to turn my work into jewellery or sculptures. They are very precise and last much longer than any other brand I have used in the past” ~ Karly La Fontaine

“I began using the diamond drill bits from Eternal tools following the advices of Lucy. The tools I have been using from Eternal tools are very good and allow me to make perfectly clean holes on the stones I work with. It has been thanks to their guidance and tools that this kind of work has given me such good results and pleasure. Here I find very good products at affordable prices, excellent customer service, and definitely nice people” ~ Isabel Oliveira

“I have to say that the diamond drill bits are excellent and even after going through many ammonites, orthocerus and gemstone will still have enough in them to actually go through a slice of agate.Very impressed indeed with them” ~ Tina Marshall at Funky Fossil

“Magnificent tools for me. They work smoothly, leave a clean hole, are always dependable. I use them to drill holes in crystals. They are the best drill bits I have ever used” ~ Rod

“I used a drill bit to drill out the powdery bead release from the beautiful and unique lampwork glass beads I make. People who buy handmade beads rate them more precious if they are cleanly presented and the bit helped me to achieve that standard with ease” ~ Jane Crosby

“Diamond drills are the only answer when an operation could be a precision hole for a particular item. Due to the low speed suited for diamond drills there is much more control . So be safe use Eternal Tools diamond drills that do the job for you right every time” ~ PJcrafts

“I am a glass artist. I need diamond drill pieces to finish off jewellery, clocks, wall panels and anything else that comes my way. I need very small drill bits for fragile work then larger drill bits for drilling holes to hand very large pieces of wall art. I can always achieve the finish I am wanting by using these drill bits, they never let me down. Prompt delivery and affordable” ~ Kathryn



All I can say is WOW! Very very impressed and a big thank you to your company
Your service was top notch, as are your products and we'll be ordering again soon
A fantastic service every single time. Delivery is prompt and the range of items is excellent
Thank you for providing great tools at reasonable prices, great info, advice and fab service
I really like the quality of your tools, each and every one of them!
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