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14th November 2012

How to Remove Scratches from Glass

How To Remove Scratches From Glass by Eternal Tools

We often get asked how to remove scratches from glass and gemstones and here we tell you how and with what tools you can do this. This does not apply to tempered glass or windshields, they will require replacement or specialist advice as the glass may crack or distort the view (as in the case of a windshield)

For scratches on fused, engraved, blown glass, household glass objects, watch glass or jewellery pieces, cabochons and gemstones, here's a couple of options for removing those unwanted marks.

CAUTION. We recommend always trying out these two options on a rough piece of glass or stone before using to remove your scratch. They are abrasives and can cause distortion to your material.

Option 1

Use a little diamond polishing paste on a felt bob, wooden peg or a piece of leather. This option might be best to use for delicate work on say watch glass, gemstones, cabochons, antique glass or glass engraving. Our diamond polishing paste is ready to use, no need to mix with any lubricant and it comes in a handy 5g syringe so nice and easy to apply.

diamond grinding polishing paste
Diamond Polishing Paste

Here's what you'll need:

Step 1

Attach your mounted felt bob into your drill (unless you choose to use a piece of leather or wood - this can be better if the diamond polishing paste is very fine (0.25, 1 micron) otherwise it will just absorb into the felt bob.

Step 2

Apply a little diamond paste to the felt bob, wooden peg or leather. If the glass scratch is light , 3 micron (green) followed by 1 micron (blue) will be ideal. Use a coarser paste for a deeper scratch.

Step 3

Work your way through the grades starting off with the green then blue until the scratch in your glass is no longer visible. 1,500 RPM to begin with, then speeding up as you feel necessary. If you choose to use a piece of leather, dab a little of the diamond paste onto the leather and work into the material, again working through the grades as you go until the scratch is no more!

Option 2

The other alternative is to use a rubber silicone polisher on a mandrel fixed into your Dremel or other rotary hand drill. Be aware, these polishers grind material away.

Mini Rubber Silicone Polishers Mixed Bag

Mini Rubber Silicone Polishers

Here's what you'll need:

Step 1

Attach your silicone polisher to the relevant mandrel and place in your drill.

Step 2

Applying little pressure make sure not to exceed 7,000 - 10,000 RPM.

Step 3

Work your way through the grades i.e begin by using a black polisher (medium grade) for instance then follow that with a blue (fine) and then a pink (extra fine) until you've achieved the finish you desire and the scratch in the glass is no longer visible.

You may have heard that toothpaste is another alternative for removing scratches in glass. However, toothpaste is an incredibly light abrasive and will do no more than fill in the scratch mark, best kept for ones teeth!

scratched watch glass
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